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“COVID-19 From a Water Guy’s Perspective” – Water Conditioning & Purification
June 2020

“Membrane Filtration Technology Development Trends Toward Water and Wastewater Recovery and Reuse” - International Filtration News
May/June 2020


“Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water: The Myths and the Facts” with Gary Battenberg – Water Conditioning & Purification
July 2019

“Crossflow Technologies for Wastewater Treatment” – International Filtration News
March/April 2019

“Water Treatment Media Review” – Water Conditioning & Purification
January 2019


“Particulate Pollution: What’s in Your Ocean?” – Water Conditioning & Purification
October 2018

“Plastic Particles and Their Impact on Water” – Water & Wastewater International
April/May 2018